Women’s Circles and Ceremonies

I run Women’s Circles around the times of the New and Full Moon.

These are added monthly and can be found via my booking platform, I release them via my social media channels as well as my mailing list.

Please make sure you subscribe to ensure you are kept up to date, or check out the upcoming events via the booking page here. Read on for info about the magic we create here in circle…

If you’ve not been to a circle or ceremony before, are intrigued but unsure of what to expect then this info is for you! Also if you’ve seen what I offer but would like a breakdown to exactly what we get up to, read on!

When you are so used to something, you live and breathe it, it’s easy to think other people know what you are talking about 😂🤔

I use around the term circle ⭕ to mean just that, when we meet in circle or in any of my other ceremony and ritual group work, we sit in a circle. As women have done for millennia.

Each ceremony tends to be themed differently, moons, moods, seasons, turns in the wheel.

Though often follow a similar-ish loose structure.

⭕ We sit, guided by me, Jules, we breathe and arrive into the circle. Into the space, into the present. Ground ourselves. Clear that space with sacred smoke and fill the circle with magic energy, creating a current, a connection, a gorgeous vibe we can weave through the rest of the ceremony.

⭕ We then introduce ourselves, this is an opportunity to say a quick hi or more if you feel like it. In facilitating, I know some folks can be nervous, perfectly normal, so no pressure. And if you are happy to share more, how you are feeling, how you are doing, what drew you to attending, we’re all here to listen.

⭕ I will often share more about the occasion that has brought the circle together. Maybe more about the moon cycle, energy and events. Themes of topics we might want to consider. Sometimes in the words of others, from reading, sometimes my own thoughts. And encourage you to do the same.

⭕ We also often share the heart opening plant medicine Cacao, sometimes as a full ceremony with guided meditation, sometimes just pausing to enjoy and let it work its magic.

⭕ No Ryecroft ceremony would be complete without delving into some oracle cards for guidance and messages. We often share what has landed with us here.

⭕ We then tend to move into a guided reflection or activity. Often by asking a question, to be discussed, to be journalled on, and if you want, to be shared on.

We talk, we reflect back and look forward.

Everyone in the space is here to listen and hold each other, all on their own journey of growth and healing.

Supporting each other, without judgement, listen (often just verbalising and feeling fully listened to is, in itself, medicine enough).

⭕ We tend to wrap up with rituals, ideas for thing you may want to bring into your practices at home and over the days that follow. Full Moon Ceremonies always feature a fire ritual, we make little lists, draw or scribe of feelings into paper, giving thanks, forgiving and burning them to release all that doesn’t serve us.

How does that sound?

If you have any questions drop me line via my contact page or email on jules@ryecroftwellness.co.uk or text/call me on 07900205049. Otherwise you can find out about upcoming circles, ceremonies and events via the booking page here.

I hope to see you at a circle soon!


Jules xxx