Specialist Pregnancy Yoga

We offer Specialist Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation classes on a group and 121 basis.

Our weekly group Pregnancy Yoga is held 7.30pm every Tuesday evening and can be booked via my booking page CLICK HERE.

Pricing and booking options are also available there.

For 121 pregnancy or more specific birth preparation support please contact me directly for availability and booking. Either 07900205049 or my email info@ryecroftwellness.co.uk or

Read on to get a vibe of what to expect!

Pregnacy Yoga at Ryecroft… More than just a class…

Over the last 4 years of welcoming expectant Mamas to Ryecroft for Pregnancy Yoga, I was reminded in a conversation recently that my classes are much more than just a class. 🥰

Yes, they are a guided yoga class, adapted for growing bellies and physically preparing constantly adapting bodies.

But they are very much emotional and energetic support as well.
They are a safe space, for Mamas to come and be held, by me and each other.

To share their worries and fears, to celebrate their loves and little wins (anyone that’s experienced the ‘yays’ and excitement of support when their morning sickness subsides, or they have a boost of energy).
And to meet other Mamas going through this journey at the same time as them.

I feel this is so important.

In my first pregnancy over 6 years ago now, I was still working in a corporate 9-5.
My attitude and those of the people around me, was pregnancy was not all illness and women should just crack on and show up like nothing had changed.

And no, it’s not an illness (although some folks can feel pretty ill for large chunks of it!)

But while we celebrate the miracle and are grateful daily for the gift that growing a baby is, we also need to honour the process, the growth and the experience.

This is the space we create.

I remind the Mamas in my classes….

All of the energy we are used to having just for ourselves, just going about our day to day activities is now split and loads of it redirected to growing a tiny egg into a quite sizeable tiny human!

Our hormones fluctuate hugely, to support us on this journey, emotionally we can feel a bit ‘all over the place,’ also physically hormones from as early as 5 or 6 weeks can leave us with extreme exhaustion, our bodies changing rapidly, relaxin floods us to prepare us and our joints, hips, backs, can feel sore and in need of extra support.

And that’s before we get to the aches and pains and heaviness of the 3rd trimester.

Also, the fears and anxieties we may have around pregnancy and birth. All totally normal, but sadly not supported enough.

So what can a Mama expect from a class here at Ryecroft?

After being welcomed (into the barn or online) we share. We introduce ourselves and share where we are at and how we are doing. We celebrate and hold folks that aren’t feeling so great. We have time to talk. (Hence why classes are a bit longer than the standard hour!).

Then we breathe, calm and soothe the body and mind ready for the rest of the session. We stretch and warm up.
Each week I tend to work on different themes, this might be physically strengthening parts of the body that need a bit more support, working to open areas that typically tighten.
We then finish with a lovely guided relaxation, active rest for you and your baby. This might be themed or include affirmations. All designed to leave you feeling good!

I always remind Mamas in my class, to thank themselves for taking time out to spend on themselves, that anything they do to take care of themselves in pregnancy, that makes them feel good, is also super good for their babes.

Pregnancy Yoga is currently 7.30pm every Tuesday – in person and live streamed online. Bookable via the link here. Drop me a line if you have any questions via contact here, 07900205049 or jules@ryecroftwellness.co.uk

I’d love to see you there Mama.


Jules xxx